Colourful Graphic Nail Design

Thought I'd share a post on how to get a pretty and colourful nail design. This is honestly the easiest nail art ever - if I can do it then anyone can. 

(These are the gorgeous nails of my beautiful friend Kate)

So I started off using a base coat, followed by a base colour. I chose a lilac shade - doesn't really matter what shade you choose here it'll mostly be covered. 

To get the pattern I took an old, cheap makeup sponge and dropped some blobs of nail polish on (poetic, I know). I used a hair grip to move the colours around a little and then just dabbed it on to the nail. 

Here is a terrible photograph of the nail varnish blobbed onto the sponge. This won't be neat once you first dab it on to the nail, however you can just clean up afterwards.

I chose some bright shades, all colour names will be below. Sorry x 1,000,000 for the awful photography, my bad.
The way in which you dab the polish onto the nail will determine the pattern produced (obviously..). I chose a block colour pattern, however you can swirl the colours or layer them more. 

Finally, just finish with a top coat for longer lasting colour. 
 Instead of using a regular top coat you could use a glittery top coat to give a different look, see here.

Polishes used:
OPI Did It On 'EM

-neurogenicbeauty, xo


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