CLEAR, BEAUTIFUL SKIN: Aloe vera juice

I suffer with extremely oily, spot prone skin. I have tried absolutely everything to clear this up - even medication. The only thing which I have found to work is aloe vera juice.

Aloe vera can be externally applied to the skin, and many people swear by this. However, I have found that external skin products do very little in way of significantly clearing my skin, albeit they are great at spot prevention and reducing oily skin.

There are many benefits to internally taking aloe vera. Studies have shown that it has positive effects on the digestive system - going as far as to suggest it enables the repair of stomach ulcers(!). 

Aloe vera is also full of many vitamins and minerals, which in terms of beauty can actually aid hair growth! Strong and healthy hair is less likely to break, so will grow to be longer and more luscious. 

The anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral components of aloe vera juice allegedly rid the immune system of toxins and have anti-inflammatory effects (leading to benefits in controlling allergies/arthritis as well as other immune disorders). Additional health benefits may include improvements in blood circulation and decreases in fat levels in the body. 

These anti-inflammatory benefits and the decrease in toxins can improve dry skin conditions - including dandruff and psoriasis - as well as reduce spots and blemishes.

Personally, I started to notice the effects from drinking aloe vera juice within a week. I aim to drink 3 tablespoons a day (you can add these to a drink of your choice)

<link here to aloe vera juice I buy>

(It's not cheap, although in my opinion very worth it)

I always think it's best to target the body from the inside out - this way there always seems to be more predominant, longer lasting effects (and why not as you get some great health benefits at the same time!). 

Hope you try it and see all the wonderful effects which I do!

-neurogenicbeauty, xo


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